The Chattanooga Ultimate League

Chattanooga Ultimate League Rules
At all times all of our games adhere to Spirit of the Game:

Ultimate relies upon a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the agreed upon rules, or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate unsportsmanlike conduct from the Ultimate field. Such actions as taunting opposing players, dangerous aggression, belligerent intimidation, intentional infractions, or other 'win-at-all-costs' behavior are contrary to the Spirit of the Game and must be avoided by all players.

Info & A Few Rules Specific to our Summer League 2014
Game Parameters:
~ Games will be played every Tuesday (With exception of bad weather) 
~ Games begin at 6:00 PM & will be capped at 8:30 PM  
~ Point Assessment: All League games should begin at 6:00 pm.  Assessment of points on teams  
not ready to play by 6:15 pm is required of all captains at the rate of 2 points per every 5 minutes. 
~ Games starting at or before 6:15 PM are played to 17
~ Games starting at or before 6:30 PM are played to 15 
~ Games starting after or 6:30 PM are played to 13
~ 1 time out per half PLUS 1 floater 
~ CAP RULE (All games capped at 8:30 PM): Play out the current point, once point is complete add 1 to the higher score and play to that
~ DAYLIGHT RULE: Games must not continue once lighting hinders safe play - this should never be ignored.
~ COED RATIO: Each team can play no more than 5 men during a single point.  Should a total 8 ladies be present during a game  
(with each team having a minimum of 3 women), then Offense may choose to play up  to 3 women and defense must match.  In this case,
if the defense cannot field 3 women, they may not field more than 4 men.  (This does not require agreement from the opposing captain.)
WEATHER: Games will be postponed and/or cancelled in the event of lightning - no one is to be on the fields when lightning is present.  Please sign up for our Rained Out text messaging system to stay in the loop.  (Email for details)
Ultimate League Specific Rules
1 Coed Ratio: Whenever 8 women are present during a game (A combination of both teams having 4 women &/or one team having 5 women & the other team having 3), the coed format is Offense-Decides (up to & no more than 3 women).  Any team may play more than 3 women at any time, but the defense must match only up to 3 women when each team has at least 3 women in attendance.
2 Aggressive Discussion, Loud Hollers, Etc: It is the responsibility of all players to calmly nip in the bud any irate players before the
situation escalates to catastrophe.  Captains & players must do whatever it takes to maintain peace on the field.  It is the responsibility of
everyone to report aggressive persons and/or persons displaying unsportsmanlike conduct to the League Coordinators.
Such persons will be given one warning to behave, then on the second occurrence be dismissed from further League play.  
Spirit of the Game must remain a priority during each & every game throughout the season.
3 Reporting of Scores: Game scores need to be reported within 24 hours of the game's finish.  
Scores that remain unreported for more than 24 hours will be derived utilizing the SWAG Method, which is likely to   
to be far from fact.  Scores are final once derived by the League Coordinator and posted to the League Scores & Standings web pages.
Pickup Players
  • Only players registered with the Chattanooga Ultimate League are eligible to pick up with a League team
  • Exceptions might be made in the event an out-of-town player is visiting Chattanooga, but this must be approved by the League Coordinator(s) prior to play 
Mid-Season Team Additions
  • Mid-Season Team Additions are allowable
  • Anyone wishing to register with the Chattanooga Ultimate League may do so at any time, given that space is available on an appropriate team
  • Placement of Mid-Season registrants will be negotiated & decided upon by the League Committee

Click here to print a pdf version of our League-Specific Rules

Our Ultimate Leagues adhere to:

USA Ultimate's 11th Edition Rules of Ultimate

(It is the player's responsibility to familiarize herself/himself with these rules - Please click the link above to view the rules)

The 10 Simple Rules of Ultimate

  1. The Field: A rectangular shape with end zones at each end. A regulation field is 70 yards by 40 yards, with end zones 25 yards deep.

  2. Initiate Play: Each point begins with both teams lining up on the front of their respective end zone line. The defense throws ("pulls") the disc to the offense. A regulation game has seven players per team.

  3. Scoring: Each time the offense completes a pass in the defense's end zone, the offense scores a point. Play is initiated after each score.

  4. Movement of the Disc: The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate. Players may not run with the disc. The person with the disc ("thrower") has ten seconds to throw the disc. The defender guarding the thrower ("marker") counts out the stall count.

  5. Change of Possession: When a pass is not completed (e.g. out of bounds, drop, block, interception), the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.

  6. Substitutions: Players not in the game may replace players in the game after a score and during an injury timeout.

  7. Non-contact: No physical contact is allowed between players. Picks and screens are also prohibited. A foul occurs when contact is made.

  8. Fouls: When a player initiates contact on another player a foul occurs. When a foul disrupts possession, the play resumes as if the possession was retained. If the player committing the foul disagrees with the foul call, the play is redone.

  9. Self-Officiating: Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes.

  10. Spirit of the Game: Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules, and the basic joy of play.


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