Shawn Adams

The 22nd Annual Shawn Adams Memorial 
Spirit of the Game
Ultimate Tournament!

Labor Day Weekend:
September 5th & 6th, 2015

Chattanooga, TN

Welcome to the homepage for Chattanooga's annual Ultimate tournament held in honor of our founding father, Shawn Adams.
The Chattanooga Flying Disc Club dedicates this tournament to the memory of Shawn, as do we dedicate our every step upon the Ultimate field.


Item / Link Information
  • Camp Jordan Soccer Park - Chattanooga, TN
Bid Info:
  • Registration is Open!
  • 300 per team
    • 16 Women's Teams
    • 16 Mixed Teams
    • 16 Open Teams

    The 22nd Annual Shawn Adams Memorial Party
    We are finalizing the details on this years amazing festivities.
    Check back here for UPDATES or on the event on facebook for
    all of your Shawn Adam Party needs.

    22nd Annual Shawn Adams Facebook Event Page  

    Here's hoping all who made it this year will make it again next year!

    Shoot an email to to request answers to your questions and/or to express your team's interest


    Important Info to Share With Your Teams:

    • Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden at Camp Jordan ~ Please!  Do not bring alcohol into the Park!
    • Dogs are welcome, but MUST be on leashes at all times ($250.00 fine for unleashed dogs...)
    • Please do not park on the grass - any grass!
    • Please do not drive on the gravel walk paths ~ your vehicle will be used as a fundraiser along with sledgehammers if you insist on driving on the walk paths!
    • Bring shade tents if you have them! (It's sure to be HOT!  And, there's little shade to found in the park...)
    • Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden at Camp Jordan



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